Pictures courtesy of KCLS, Thistle Theatre, Brian Kooser,
Braincandy, King 5, Summer Fun, and Washington State Potato
The river troll waits for the show to begin.
Nusi explores a trash can.
Bruce's TV Debut!
Potatoes with attitude!
Rowbes and Roger at a
Braincandy shoot.
Tengu and Oni
The Poet and Saige Marie.
Big Billy learns his lines
The game is "afoot"
with Brian Kooser
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The Private Life of Butterflies
The Bellevue Reporter
The Braincandy shoot
With Peter Orr and Jennifer Carroll
Building the Frog
The Frog Prince
Singing "the Funny Face Song"
at Bellevue Regional Library
Frederick P Catberg
Meet the Beetles!
Possum Making Friends at Gymboree
Possum, Val and Me