The Frog Prince

Princess Ella must be married to become
queen, but an evil witch has turned her only
potential suitor into a Frog!  Can a slimy ugly
frog convince her to kiss him before it's too

Great for Birthday parties and family events!

"Meet the Beetles!"
A rock-and-roll puppet show!

Bernard is a beetle with dreams of becoming a
rock star.  His band, the Bugtones, become an
overnight sensation until the music attracts a robin
to the bug village.
Will the nuisance break up the band?  
Captain Crashland is a Hero for Hire. He
and his alien friend Griffle take you on an
interplanetary adventure to retrieve the
Name Sphere that was stolen by the Reptile
King. The Sphere holds the name of the new
Keeper of Korzul…a tiny planet.

A fun and interactive musical adventure ideal
for birthday parties!
Rowbes Presents
Rowbes performs his original rock songs for kids, along
with traditional nursery rhymes and folk stories, with
some help from his favorite puppet pals!  Don't miss this
fun performance full of crazy interactive rock songs
about invisible dinosaurs, making funny faces, and going
to outer space!  

"The RAIN-Deer"
An explorer finds a wild reindeer living
deep in a tropical rain forest.  He takes him
home to help him find his place in the world.  
Could this rambunctious vine-swinging
jungle king be the replacement deer Santa
is looking for?  A fun, musical puppet
adventure for the holiday season.
"Rodney the Shark"
A brand new undersea adventure!  Rodney is a shark who
is afraid of everything... even his own shadow!  His
friends try to teach him some bravery, but nothing
seems to work.  But when another shark moves into the
neighborhood and starts making trouble, it's up to
Rodney to save the day.  Can he find the courage he
needs to help his friends?
"The Three Little Pigs"
The children's classic gets modern updates in this
hilarious show about three brothers being pursued by a
hungry wolf!  
"Down the Rabbit Hole"
A story about being true to yourself.  A young rabbit
tries to find out who he is by becoming someone else.  
Is he really meant to be a rabbit?  Or could he become
a bat?  Or a bear?  A hilarious puppet adventure for
the whole family.